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How to Look After Your Jewellery

Learn about the different diamond and gem stone setting styles for engagement rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets in our detailed education section

How To Look After A Ring

Your engagement ring is the precious memorabilia from the moment you said yes to spending the rest of your life with your other half. To preserve and maintain the ring’s initial sparkle and overall great condition, follow these simple steps

Cleaning Your Jewellery

Before cleaning make sure you have inspected your ring’s condition and only proceed if all claws and stones are secure. Look out for areas that are congested with excess dirt.

All tools used for jewellery cleaning should be used for this purpose only, as remaining chemicals might damage the jewellery. Preferably store your cleaning cloths in plastic packets, away from dust or humidity, as they might contaminate the cloth and eventually scratch or stain the precious stone. We recommend using a bowl when cleaning jewellery, in case a stone falls off or to prevent your engagement ring from falling in the drain. Always remember to clean your jewellery after use, to wipe off excess skin oils and make up from the metal and precious stone. Please remember to take off your ring before physical activity, as you might bend the band or hurt your finger. You are always more than welcome to visit one of our stores and consult our experts if you need help with cleaning your jewellery or engagement ring.

Diamond Maintenance

According to GIA, diamonds naturally attract grease and need to be cleaned on a regular basis to preserve their sparkle and fire. Our recommended cleaning method doesn’t require any special equipment or detergents. Simply soak your diamond engagement ring in a bowl of warm water and washing up liquid once a week. After soaking, gently polish using a cotton towel or scrub dirt off gaps and engravings with a soft toothbrush and rinse with clean water.

By all means avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach on the diamond and metal, they can irreversibly damage gold, silver and platinum.

Gemstone Maintenance

Just like diamonds, gemstones do not require any special detergents or cleaning tools. We recommend using water and dishwashing liquid soak to remove dirt from gemstone engagement rings and gem set jewellery. Please bear in mind that some gemstones should not be soaked and contact between gemstones and any chemicals, perfumes and beauty products is not recommended, as they can dull or pit softer gemstones and permanently damage the jewellery metal. For more information on gemstone engagement rings maintenance, see our gemstone care guide.

What To Do If Your Diamond Engagement Ring Breaks

Engagement rings are worn daily and are constantly exposed to chemicals and external influences. They symbolise the beginning of your marriage, but substantially are just an object. Just because they broke doesn’t have to mean it’s a bad sign, it’s most likely a sign of harsh impact or poor craftsmanship.

Here is what to do if your engagement ring breaks: Examine the ring – before you proceed to the jewellers make sure have noted all breakages and missing stones. If you noticed the place where the ring broke, search for any missing stones. Once you have all parts, securely pack the ring and take it to the jewellers. Don’t try to fix it yourself, as you might end up breaking it even more.