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Buying a Diamond Ring

Buying a Diamond Online

We are dedicated to making diamond purchases as easy as possible by providing you with our extensive expert knowledge in diamond engagement rings and diamond jewellery

At Steven Stone we aim to empower you with knowledge and help you understand all aspects of your purchase. As industry specialists with decades of experience, we would like pass our knowledge to you and help you understand what makes the perfect diamond engagement ring and diamond jewellery. We have put together a few helpful tips directly from our diamond experts, to give you that extra bit of confidence when purchasing diamonds.

1. Knowledge is power

As with any significant investment, you must make sure you understand the most important aspects of your purchase. Selecting the perfect diamond to match your budget and standards becomes much simpler once you understand the features of the stone.

The initial characteristics to consider when buying a diamond are the stone’s 4Cs – Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity. These features interact with each other and affect the diamond’s value and appearance.

2. Understanding diamond characteristics

You can make your perfect purchase once you understand how diamond characteristics affect the stone’s appearance and price. Most suppliers’ websites have a filtering system which allows you to browse diamonds with characteristics of your choice. Narrowing your search will allow you to spend more time evaluating the diamond and considering other available options. If you need any further guidance on diamond engagement rings or diamond jewellery, please do not hesitate to book a consultation or contact us using the methods below.

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3. Diamond certificates

A diamond certificate is a vital component when buying diamonds online. The certificate is an authenticating document, ideally issued by an independent laboratory. It is very important to make sure that your diamond comes with an independent grading report providing an unbiased analysis of the diamond’s characteristics. The value of a diamond is determined by its quality, so it is best to have an objective, third-party certificate instead of an in-house document from the retailer.

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GIA Certificate

4. Reputable and reliable

Diamond jewellery and engagement rings are significant investments and lifetime gifts. To ensure your satisfaction and get the best value possible, make sure you are purchasing from renowned and reliable jewellers. A reputable seller would always be happy to help you understand all aspects of your purchase without pushing a sale.

Choosing where to buy your diamond from is essential to finding your perfect engagement ring or piece of jewellery. We recommend checking the merchant’s product reviews and return policies prior to purchasing.

5. Payment options

Diamond engagement rings and diamond jewellery purchases are significant investments and should be treated as such. All online diamond suppliers and jewellery retailers should clearly specify the different forms of payments they accept, their finance options and refund policies.

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6. What if it’s not right?

Online shopping always hides certain risks, even when using the best retailers. Checking your chosen jewellers’ return policies and warranties is as important as having knowledge of diamond characteristics. Most diamond suppliers and retailers offer free returns, exchanges and refunds, usually within 30 days of purchase. To avoid disappointment, check the retailers’ website for more information on return and exchange policies.

If upon delivery the packaging seems damaged, our best advice is to refuse the shipment and immediately contact your supplier.

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