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Pendant Education

Pendants and Necklaces are a beautiful gift, or a statement piece for any occasion. Read more about what diamond and gemstone pendants we have at Steven Stone and what to look for.

Necklaces And Pendants

Necklaces are the most common statement jewellery piece. They make an ideal gift, individually or in a set with another matching piece of jewellery. Steven Stone offers a wide selection of diamond, pearl and gem set necklaces in platinum, white, yellow and rose gold, suitable for all budget frames.

Search for pendants matching or complementing the chain in style, colour and weight. When selecting the pendant, consider the occasion you are buying it for and the wearer’s preferences – would they prefer a subtle and gentle pendant or a bold, eye-catching statement piece and how would the pendant fit with their style? If either the pendant or chain is already purchased, you might need to select the appropriate length or diameter.

Browse Our Necklaces And Pendants Browse Our Necklaces And Pendants

Solitaire Pendants

Solitaire Diamond pendants are chic and simplistic and go equally well with daywear and formal dresses. Their clean design and high quality make diamond solitaire pendants universally wearable, an excellent gift for anyone.

Browse Our Diamond Pendants Browse Our Diamond Pendants
Jewellery Pendants

Pearl Strands

Pearl strand necklaces are an absolute classical essential. Their lustre and gentle beauty would never go out of fashion, which makes pearl strand necklaces an excellent investment to pass down to the next generations.

Find Out More About Pearls Find Out More About Pearls

Metal Chains

Metal chains are an elegant statement piece, available in all lengths and thickness. Their modern and plain metal design stylishly frames the face, adding a contemporary hint to any outfit.

Buying Necklaces As A Gift

If you are buying a necklace for someone else and feel unsure about your choice, see if they currently wear anything around their neck, note its length and thickness and opt for a gift similar in size, colour and design. If they often wear turtleneck tops, they would most likely be comfortable wearing a choker necklace. When choosing the pendant, reflect on their lifestyle and fashion, considering whether the charm could tangle or break. Pick a design to complete and match with their personality and fashion sense. If purchasing as a gift for a man, select a chain longer than 20 inches, so the pendant comfortably sits on his chest avoiding dog collar effect.